McPherson County Deeds for 3/11-3/17/20


Denise Elaine Brueggeman to Vince William Bengston, property in McPherson

Karl O. and Wanda J. Esping to Kerick W. and Kimberly A. Snell, property in McPherson

Katherin K. and Robert H Buss to Stephen D. and Donna R. Smith, property in McPherson

Margaret Joann Boesker to Virginia K. Dobbins, property in McPherson

Ruth Ann Dewild to Jeshua Koehn, property in McPherson

John and Nancy Schwartz to Michael and Sonya Jenkins, property in McPherson

Darrell D. and Pamela J. Thiessen to Samuel V. Thiessen and Andrea L. Johnson, property in McPherson

Marquette Farmers State Bank to Jeffery A and Cynthia J. Barnes, property in Marquette

Marquette Farmers State Bank to Cheri C. Downing, property in Marquette

Robyn Peters to Charles Peters, property in Lindsborg

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