Daily 911 for 3/18/20


Police personnel responded to Millers Lane for an urgent welfare check at 8:42 am.

Police and Sheriff’s Office responded to West Kansas Avenue for a report of DUI (impaired driving) at 10:41 am.

Police responded to South Centennial Drive for a report of suspicious/wanted individual at 11:29 am.

EMS personnel to North Main Street for a report of a sick person with altered LOC or abnormal breathing at 4:03 pm.

EMS and Police personnel responded to Clubhouse Drive for a report of breathing problems at 6:02 pm.

Police personnel responded to East Kansas Avenue for a report of an abandoned vehicle or past traffic/ parking complaint at 6:54 pm.

EMS personnel responded to Dull Knife Street for a report at fall or public assist at 9:50 pm.

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 12.15.04 PM


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