McPherson Residents “Flushing” It All Away


The following information was provided by the City of McPherson.

In light of recent toilet paper and other paper goods shortages please remember that ONLY toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Facial tissues, paper towels, napkins, wet wipes, sanitary products, and the like should not be flushed down the toilet. These products have already caused damage to public and private sewer lines.  These blockages will keep happening if improper flushing continues, and will cost thousands of dollars to the homeowners and the city.

We ask that all community members think before they flush.  All products, other than toilet paper, should be disposed of properly.  Toilet paper is designed to break down as soon as it is exposed to liquid.  Items such as paper towels, wet wipes, and facial tissues are designed to be strong when wet which leads to blockages and damage to sewer lines.

For more information please contact the Wastewater Department at (620) 245-2540.

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