McPherson County Deeds for 3/25-3/31/20


Hensley Prop 2 to Taylor and Clancy Krahl, property in Lindsborg

Susan G. Achilles to James L. Achilles, property in Inman

Dale D Flynn EST to Jesse and Carrie Crawford, property in Lindsborg

Oliver J. and Marina M. Good to Timothy D. Glendening, property in Lindsborg

Floyd A. and Betty E. Koehn to Terry and Raquel Unruh, property in McPherson

Brad Spaich to Jerry L. and Kimberly A. Potter, property in McPherson

Jerry L. and Kimberly A. Potter to Rshine Prop, property in McPherson

David Steiner Jr and Kathy Steiner to Michael David and Katrina Steiner, property in McPherson

Todd D. and Carol A. Wolf to Jaris Regier, property in McPherson

Jerry L. Potter, Kimberly A. Potter, Craid L. Spencer, Debra J. Spencer, Gary M Renfro and Rhonda L. Renfro to Glenda K. Holzman, property in McPherson

Ellen Carlson, Verna Carlson Miller, Noble Carlson, and Lucile Carlson to Albert and Ruth Hoglund, property in McPherson

Devon  and Brianna Stos to Danielle Stos, property in McPherson

Danielle Stos to Danielle Stos and Angel Silva, property in McPherson

Stephen L. Yoder to Christine J. and Stephen Yoder J., property in McPherson

Verlan L. Biggs to Tyler Potter, property in Moundridge

Elevate Inv. to Brian Bybee, property in McPherson

Kenneth J. and Brooke L. Bengtson to Cheryle A. Train, property in Lindsborg

Tyson L. and Carmen Burden to Kenneth J. Bengtson, property in McPherson

Kaneridge EST, to Jon and Theresa Wiggins, property in Moundridge

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