Health Department Addresses Easter


From the McPherson County Health Department.

With a Holiday nearing, we understand churches, families and friends want to gather to celebrate. This Holiday may provide some hope and peace during the unknown time we are all living in.

However, it is the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the McPherson County Health Department’s strong recommendation that churches, families and friends continue to practice social distancing during the Holiday celebrations.

Gatherings can occur safely electronically through video calls and social media. We recognize the importance of staying connected to our loved ones during this time and support those efforts.

A rule of thumb that should continue to be practiced during this time is that if you don’t live with them, you don’t visit them. If we all do our part by staying home, only going to the essential public places when absolutely necessary, designate one household or family member to do the shopping for the entire group, wash our hands frequently, and cover our face when outside the home, we can keep ourselves and each other safe.

We are McPherson County strong and we can beat this as soon as we all take responsibility and do our part.

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