All School’s Day Virtual Button Has Been Found


Mothers Day 2020 will be one Sharla Rempe of McPherson will remember for some time. Rempe submitted the correct guess Sunday Morning for the 107th McPherson County All Schools Day Virtual Button Hunt sponsored by First Bank Kansas. The virtual hunt, in it’s 4th year, was the only one of this year’s All Schools Day events that could take place under COVID-19 safety precautions which led to the cancellation of the remainder of this year’s celebration.

The virtual location this year was the Moundridge baseball and softball fields on the east edge of Moundridge. The complex inclues one softball and two baseball fields.

Rempe and her son Nicholas, past winners of the Medallion Hunt, worked together on various guesses druing the hunt. “(Nicholas) and I kind of go back and forth with each other and help each other out, and I have to admit I have to probably give him part of this,” Rempe said after being notified she has the correct answer.

Sunday’s clue was key to helping locate the location. “Moundridge hadn’t even been in the thought at all,” Rempe explained, saying the Saturday and Sunday clues helped zero in on the location. “I thought about the airport but all I could think about was McPherson”

Following a phone call with Nicholas he texted her back sand said there’s also an airport in Moundridge, which is east of the ball fields. Rempel said she had the thought about baseball being involved, and after going online and looking at Google Maps she looked down the street and saw the sign that said Grasshopper Field.

According to button hunt chair Lucky Kidd, a wide variety of guesses were made by this year’s hunters. “They varied widely, ranging from the McPherson Valley Wetlands to every golf course in McPherson County. A few guesses began to focus on baseball or softball fields late Saturday before Shala submitted her correct answer,” Kidd said.

For identifying the virtual button location, Rempe will receive a $250 cash prize. She said she has no immediate plans for the prize but indicated in light of the virus situation she may donate part of it to an organization that needs some help.

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