Virtual Button Hunt Clues and Location



It’s only virtual, but the rules stay the same. Any public place in the 900 square miles of McPherson County is fair game.

This clue is the traditional clue stating the location is on public property in McPherson County.



Sometimes it’s good to get off the trail and go a different direction.

This clue references the fact the virtual site is south of the Santa Fe Trail. Recent medallion and virtual hunt locations have been north of the trail.



You can sometimes find heroes here, but not all the time and not right now. It’s also not a regular hangout for many of today’s heroes

This clue refers to sports heroes, and the fact there isn’t any competitive sports right now. Purpose of this clue also rules out police and fire stations and the Health Department office in McPherson.



Big or small, this place has it all. Maybe not right now, but someday.

There are two baseball fields, one large and one small, along with a softball field, both played with different size balls. There was no high school baseball season this year, but the games will return.



Small things take flight here, bigger things nearby. It’s possible to see both at the same time.

Baseballs and softballs take flight here. The Moundridge Airport is located east of the ball fields and a hit ball and an airplane both take flight.



Take you virtual hunt to the edges. Two of them to be exact.

The Moundridge baseball and softball fields are on the east edge of town, and Moundridge is on the south edge of McPherson County.



Go between the angles. Then go where the lines would usually be

Moundridge is located between Old Highway 81 and I-135 which run northwest-southeast through that part of McPherson County. The lines are the foul lines normally found on the baseball and softball diamonds.



You haven’t struck out yet. Seek the name of one who did, then go behind it. Once you do, you have the game winner.

The baseball and softball fields in Moundridge are directly behind Casey’s General Store. Casey is the one who let the Mudville Nine down with his famed strikeout.


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