Bullpup Speed, Power, Strength Summer Schedule 2020


The McPherson Bullpup Speed, Power & Strength (SPS) program is open to all athletes in the McPherson School District in grades 7-12. Our SPS program goals are to improve speed, power, and strength and reduce injury risk of ALL types of athletes (see SPS training principles). HS & MS students have the opportunity to continue their training throughout the school year by enrolling in one of the SPS courses that are offered through the PE department. All training sessions will take place at McPherson High School using the weight room, wrestling room, gyms and outdoor facilities.

SPS Summer Schedule


Weeks of June 1st & 8th

Session 1* (10th-12th Boys) 6:15-8:05am

Session 2* (9th Boys, 10th-12th Girls) 8:05-9:55am

Session 3* (9th Girls & Other HS Part.) 10am-12:00pm

*During the first two weeks of June, participants will be assigned a group of no more than 30 and a specific session to attend in accordance with the MHS plan to return to summer activity, the Kansas phased plan to reopen the state, and the revised KSHSAA summer guidelines. SPS instructors will assign those groups, and communicate with participants. No crossover between groups, or participation in a session not assigned will be allowed. Due to time restraints and participation limits MS SPS for incoming 7th & 8th graders will not begin until June 15th as outlined below.

June 15th-August 13th

Session 1 (10th-12th Boys) 6:15-7:45am

Session 2 (9th-12th Boys/Girls**) 7:00-8:30am

Session 3 (7th-8th Boys) 7:30-9:00am

Session 4 (7th-9th Girls***) 8:15-9:15am

**7:30-8:30 girls session for those who have completed MS SPS course

***8:15-9:15 girls session for those new to SPS

Questions can be directed to:

Jace Pavlovich at jace.pavlovich@mcpherson.com for boys

Christy Doile at christy.doile@mcpherson.com for girls

Shane Backhus at shane.backhus@mcpherson.com for general information

Or call the MHS activities office at 241-9510.

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