Editorial: McPherson County Food Bank Benefit Shirt


Hi all! My name is Claire Wiens and I am a local McPherson resident who has lived here all my life. I currently attend the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and work for a company called University Tees. UTees is a custom apparel printing company that specializes in college campus organizations and local businesses.

During this time a lot of the campus managers for UTees have been working on shirts to give back to their local community where they grew up. McPherson has given so much to me and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to give something back. The apparel I am currently selling is going to benefit the McPherson County Food Bank. UTees is HUGE on giving back so they will match what I give back.

The McPherson County Food Bank is very special to me and is one of the first places I learned to volunteer for when I was growing up. My great grandparents volunteered at the food bank for more than 20 years and I enjoyed helping them. I have always had a passion for serving others. During this time I feel like this shirt order is how I can “do my part”. It can be yours too! – Order a shirt and help support the McPherson County Food Bank.

This is the link to the order: https://order.universitytees.com/bird_banks/74147/signups/new

All orders will be shipped directly to their house. When ordering people do not need to put the college and organization, they can just hit next as it is not required.

I can provide you with any other information you all need!

Claire Wiens

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