Traffic Stop Tuesday: Open Container Laws in Kansas


With the Memorial Holiday Weekend ahead, we would like to remind everyone not to Drink and Drive, and please plan ahead, by using a Designated Driver, Making Alternative Transportation Plans, or Staying where you are at if you may be under the influence.

In addition to Kansas DUI law, Standard Traffic Ordinance, Sec. 106 against Open Containers, states no person shall transport in any vehicle upon a highway or street any alcoholic beverage. Unless such beverage is: in the original unopened package or container, the seal of which has not been broken and from which the original cap, cork or other means of closure has not been removed; In the locked rear trunk or rear compartment, or any locked outside compartment. Which is not accessible to any person in the vehicle while it is in motion; or If a motor vehicle is not equipped with a trunk, behind the last upright seat or in an area not normally occupied by the driver or a passenger. In the exclusive possession of a passenger in a vehicle which is a recreational vehicle or a bus, who is not in the driving compartment of such vehicle or who is in a portion of such vehicle from which the driver is not directly accessible.

We hope this reminder helps reduce the number of people injured and/or killed on the roadways each year due to people driving under the influence, and the number of open container violations. As always, our Officers will be actively looking for drivers under the influence and will be strictly enforcing the Kansas DUI laws. Have safe Memorial Holiday Weekend, and please Do not Drink and Drive, Plan Ahead; by Designating a Driver, Making Alternative Transportation Plans, or Staying where you are at, if you may be under the influence.

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