Notice: Parking and Driving Across Lawns in McPherson


In an effort to keep our community looking in tip-top shape this summer, please do not park on your lawn, drive across your neighbor’s lawn, or the lawns in the City Parks. In case you didn’t know, these actions are prohibited by City Ordinance and Standard Traffic Ordinance.

In summary, City Ordinance 82-113 states, no person shall park any motor vehicle on a front yard or side yard of a residential property except to temporarily to load or unload property or by a licensed contractor actively engaged in work on the property. For additional information on this and other City Ordinances, visit

Standard Traffic Ordinance 125. on, Driving Across Lawns, Sidewalks, Yards, Crops, Etc. states, it shall be unlawful for any person to drive a motor vehicle upon, across or onto the lawn, sidewalk, yard, farmland, crops or fences, or other real or personal property of another person, intentionally damaging the same.

On the surface, you may only see tracks, but hidden damage can occur under the surface, which you might have to dig to find. This damage could be costly and include broken irrigation systems, which sometimes may be irreparable, requiring a landowner or City to replace a portion or all of the watering system. Please, if you see this happening –report it.

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