McPherson County Register of Deeds 5/29 – 6/4


Marquette Farmers State Bank to Quenten Miller, Brenda Miller, and Timothy Miller. Property in Marquette.

Jon Mark Clemence and Cecilia Clemence to Michael Burger and Kristina Burger. Property in McPherson County.

Dale Flynn Est E to And A Investments. Property in Lindsborg.

Gary Pederson and Dena Pederson to Trent Bentley and Jenny Bentley. Property in McPherson.

Curtis Hancock and Tasha Hancock to David Bounsana and Amanda Bounsana.  Property in McPherson County.

Brookfield Relocation to NC Judith Clubine. Property in McPherson.

Betty Brewer to ALC Holdings. Property in McPherson.

Darin Goering and Teresa Goering to Micah Schroeder. Property in Inman.

Willis Larson and Lois Larson to Nicholas Ward and Amanda Ward. Property in McPherson County.

John Melville Estate to Clarus Energy Group, SAAZ, and NWKS Minerals. Property in McPherson County.

G Jerome Moore and Bridget Moore to Ryan Bengston. Property in McPherson.

James Nelson and Julie Nelson to Eric Hartsock a d Pamela Hartsock. Property in McPherson.

Fredrick Otero and Louise Otero to William Whitenack, Sarah Whitenack, Jeanne Whitenack and William Whitenack. Property in McPherson.

Keturah Nealeigh to Samuel Ball. Property in McPherson.

Micah Moffit to Karamark Holdings. Property in McPherson County.




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