Speed Limits Noted by Police Department


According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, Speeding reduces the driver’s ability to steer safely around curves and avoid objects on the road. Speed increases, the distance your vehicle will travel before you can comprehend there is an emergency and react to it. Each mile per hour you travel equates to 1.467 feet traveled per second. Therefore, a vehicle going 55 mph will travel 80.685 feet each second. A simple way to figure out how many feet per second your car is going. By simply adding half of the miles per hour you are going to your speed you will get your approximate speed in feet per second (within 2%). Next time you are driving, think of your speed in feet per second (at 60 mph you are covering approximately 90 feet per second). How fast you can react?

In summary, Standard Traffic Ordinance (STO), Sec. 33 on speeding states, Except when a special hazard exists that requires a lower speed, the limits specified in this subsection or established as authorized by law shall be maximum lawful speeds. No person shall operate a vehicle at a speed in excess of such maximum limits. In any business district 20 miles per hour; in any urban district, 30 miles per hour. On any separated multilane highway, as designated and posted by the secretary of transportation 75 miles per hour. On any county or township highway 55 miles per hour, and on all other highways, 65 miles per hour.

For your safety and the safety of others on the roadways, please obey the speed limits, drive safely, and Have a Great Week!

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