MHS Summer Activity Plan


MHS Summer Activity Plan (Version 4, Revised 6/17/20)

This plan, and any adjustments, will adhere to the McPherson County Health Department & State of Kansas guidelines and recommendations, and the KSHSAA 2020 Summer Guidelines.

General Sanitation Guidelines

1. All participants and staff enter/exit through same location(s) each day.

2. All participants and staff will have their temperature taken prior to activity, anyone with temperature of 100.4+, or known illness, will be excluded pending clearance from a medical professional.

3. All participants and staff will apply hand sanitizer prior to, and following activity.

4. Sanitize equipment before and after use.

5. Work cooperatively with custodial staff when inside facilities are being used to follow cleaning protocols.

6. Limit access only to parts of the building that are necessary.

7. Attendance will be taken, and kept on file, for all sessions.

8. Attendance is voluntary, as usual.

June 15th-June 28th (KS Phase 3-limit 45, KSHSAA Organized Competition may begin)

1. Restructured SPS schedule using following guidelines

a. Limit groups to 30 assigned participants with no cross over

b. No MS SPS to allow for participation and time limitations

c. Revise SPS schedule so that there are no overlapping sessions

2. MHS Team activities limited to groups of 45

June 29th-August 16th (KS Phase Out, unlimited, KSHSAA-Organized Competition continues)

1. Return to regular SPS schedule including MS sessions

2. Team camps and activities for winter/spring activities between June 15th-August 2nd, fall camps may take place up until school begins.

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