Register of Deeds 6/8-6/12


Micah Moffitt to Micheal Becker Trust; property in McPherson.

Catherine Stalcup to Connor Chambers and Bridget Chambers; property in Lindsborg.

Gateway Mortgage to Kimberlee Strawn; property in McPherson County.

MW Towers to Power Construction; 15 lots in McPherson County.

Russell Moors and Karolyn Moors to Brandon Martens and Brooke Martens; property in McPherson.

Brandon Martens and Brooke Martens to Cody Peavy and Sabrina Brown; property in McPherson.

J and P Family Farms to Caeden Fly and Kelsey Fly; property in McPherson County.

Terry Fay and Karen Fay to Jessie Brinck and Dezirae Brink; property in McPherson County.

Deanna Bruce to KL Holdings NO 2; property in McPherson.


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