McPherson County Register of Deeds


June 17-23, 2020

K and M Ventures to The Red Jacket. PT Lot 77, Main St, Lindsborg.

John and Janell Unruh to Luke and Audrey Koehn. Part of the NE Quarter, Section 3, Township 20, Range 2.

Embers Farm Enterprises to Lance and Karlene Goertzen. Part of the SE Quarter, Section 23, Township 20, Range 4.

Zachary and Jakki Nagy to Ridge and Chloe Jones. Lots 13, 15 and 17, Pine Street, Highland Addition, Lindsborg.

Paul and Paula Orth to Tracie Friesen and Toby Orth. Pt of NE Quarter/Quarter of the NW Quarter, Section 30, Township 20, Range 3.

Mark Buehler, Donna Buehler, Suzanne Prickett and Michael Prickett to Craig and Wanda Carson. Lot 20, Block 1, Belgard’s Subdivision.

Owen Brown and Susan Brown to Larry Froese. Block 2, Lot 22, Valley View Subdivision, Inman.

Dale and Christine Kaufman to Dale and Christine Kaufman. Pt of SE, PT of SW Quarter/Quarter of the NE Quarter. Section 22, Township 21, Range 3.

Martin and Nancy Bell to McNett Properties. Lot 12, Block 20, McPherson OTS.

Blaze Fork Properties to Cole Sovde. PT Lots 16, 17, 18, Block 115, McPherson OTS.

Susan White Moscicki and Richard Moscicki to Shiloh and Lindsey Vincent. Part of the NW Quarter. Section 24, Township 20, Range 3.

Derrick and Shawna Gordon to Colleen Yarosh. Pt Lot 11, Fairfield Addition, Canton.

Margaret Waggoner to Britton Bate. Lot 44, Block 1 Oxford Pointe Subdivision.

Marquette Farmers State Bank to E and A Investments. Lots 5 and 6. Block 4. Hansons Addition, Marquette.

Russell and Lori Willems to Eric and Kelsey Larson. Pt of NE, Pt of SE Quarter/Quarter of the SE Quarter. Section 30, Township 21, Range 4.

Shiloh and Lindsey Vincent to Ann Parkins. Lot 11, Block 3, Foxfire Addition.

David and Nancy White to Shiloh and Lindsey Vincent. Part of the NW Quarter. Section 24, Township 20, Range 3.

Douglas Dick, Jr. to Torrance Parkins. Lot 5, Block 4, Oak Park Addition.

Torrance Parkins and Ann Parkins to Carlos and Jill Guajardo. Lot 9, Block 8, Turkey Creek Fifth Addition.

Carlos  and Jill Guajardo to Cole and Sarah Ouren. Lot 9, Block 4, Foxborough.

Marquette Farmers State Bank to James and Hayley Samford. Lots 19, 20, and 21. Block 9, Marquette OTS.


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