McPherson County Register of Deeds


Deeds recorded from June 24 – 30, 2020

From Robert Bergstrom to Susan Bergstrom. Pt of NE Quarter/Quarter of the NE Quarter. Section 17. Township 17. Range 3.

Stanley Friesen and Gayenelle Friesen to Cloverdale Farms. Part of the SW Quarter. Section 34. Township 20. Range 5.

Graber Grain Land to G James Roupp and Nancy Roupp. Part of the SW Quarter. Part of the SE Quarter. Section 36. Township 21. Range 1.

Edward Hammond and Lisa Hammond to Alyssa Hammond and Kenneth Hammond. Part of the NE Quarter. Section 13. Township 21. Range 1.

Petco Limited to Breck Minerals. All of the NW Quarter. Section 32. Township 21. Range 1.

Willam Hurl and Tiffany Hurl to William Hurl and Tiffany Hurl. Lot 2. Block 6. Bowker’s Addition.

Lance Vernon and Stacy Vernon to Eric Frazier and Erin Frazier. PT Lot 2, All Lot 3,k Block 13, Freeman Addition.

Jimmy Schrag and Janet Guhr to James Davis and Elizabeth Davis. PT Lots 1-5, Block 46, Moundridge OTS.

Misti May-Smith and Gregory Smith to Abby Jones. Lot 13-14, Block 103, McPherson OTS.

Kathy Chaplin and Aaron Chaplin to Douglas Sawyer and Laurie Sawyer. PT Lot 5, Block 1, Wiens Addition, Inman.

Sean Wilson and Jennifer Wilson to Brent Smith and Crystal Smith. PT Lots 6-7, Froese Second Addition, Inman.

Nicholas Brown and Krystina Brown to Lance Vernon and Stacy Vernon. Lot 4, Block 6, Foxfire Addition.

Christopher Curl and Sara Curl to Travis Sawyer and Mariah Sawyer. PT Lots 10-11, Block 9, Bowker’s Addition.

Colton Snyder and Cassandra Synder to Curtis Nuefeld. Lot 10 and PT Lot 11, Block 16, Moundridge.

Four Season Realtors to Mark Pianalto and Christine Pianalto. PT Lot 2, Block 8, Park Place Subdivision.

Andrew Durst and Alie Durst to Kathlene Colburn. PT Lot 4, Block 8, Krehbiel’s First Addition, Moundridge.

Douglas Sawyer and Laurie Sawyer to Margaret Sawyer. Part of the NE Quarter.

Monty Koehn and Lori Koehn to Monty and Lori Koehn Family Trust. Lot 6, Block E, Sunbird Lake Est II.

David Conley to Dwight Becker and Brenda Becker. Lot 18, Block 67, McPherson OTS.

Joshua Naegle and Tabitha Naegle to Jacob Coy and Andrea Coy. Pt of SW Quarter/Quarter of the SW Quarter. Section 34. Township 19. Range 3.

Robert Unruh and Deborah Unruh to Shane Godwin and Angie Godwin. PT Lots 15-16, Block 6, Darrah & Wilson’s Addition.


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