Register of Deeds


July 1-7, 2020

Delana Lindsay, Leonard Williams and Loneta Williams to Gregory Morton and Marilynn Morton. Lot 19, Block 3, Evergreen Addition, McPherson

James Bolyard to Austin Sechler and Christina Murphy. Pt Lot 7 and All Lots 8 and 9, Block 4, Prairie Grass addition, Inman.

Sherrilyn Malaby to Connie Palmblade. Lot 6, Block A, Southern Pines addition.

Richard Duerksen and Deanna Duerksen to Derrick Dusin and Larissa Dusin. Lot 16, Block 2, North High addition.

Matthew Roberts and Alyssia Busby to Jenell Hulse. Lots 37 and 39, Chestnut St, Highland addition, Lindsborg.

Karlene Tyler to Michael Craig and Dianne Craig. Pt Lots 17 and 19 and all of Lot 18, Block 2, Wright and Olson addition.

Michael Craig and Dianne Craig to Turfwood Properties. Lot 8, Block 5, Bowkers addition.

Tyler Whorton and Darsha Warton to National Residential Nominee Services. Lot 6, Block 4, Homestead Acres.

National Residential Nominee Services to Michelle Clark and Justin Clark. Lot 6, Block 4, Homestead Acres.

Larry Vernon, Gloria Vernon, David Vernon and Genise Vernon to Phillip McGinnis and Judity McGinnis. All Lot 24 and Pt Lot 25, Block 16, Freeman addition.

Seth Bradshaw to McPherson College. Lots 45, 46, 47, Block 12, College Place.

Brandon Naylor to Brodie Burney and Ashely Burney. Pt Lot 11 all Lot 12, Block 8, Darrah & Wilson’s addition.

Matthew Fuqua and Jamie Fuqua to Christian Stiawalt and Jessica Stiawalt. Pt Lots 2 and 3, Block 4, Park Place Subdivision.

Douglas Sawyer and Laurie Sawyer to Rachel Nichols and Michael Rau. 2 Parcels NE4 14-20-4.

Dale Flynn and Loretta Flynn to BillyRay Ent. Lots 19 and 21. Block 1, Eberhardt’s addition, Lindsborg.

Justina Koehn to Charles Quane and Dawn Quane. Lot 7, Block 1, Meadow Lark addition, Inman.

Hunter Lawless to Bradly Peterson and Corrie Peterson. PT NW4 25-18-05.

Taryn Miller and Tyler Miller to Keith Dodson. Lot 4, Block 7, North High addition.

Evergreen Properties McPherson to Kaelen Randall and Leah Randall. Lot 39, Block 4, Evergreen addition, McPherson.

Krystal Jensen to Breanna Kuhlman. Lot 4, Block 4, Banks addition, Roxbury.

Dianne Clark to Brent Clark. Pt Lots 1-5, Block 6, Moundridge.

Todd Hansen and Barbara Hansen to Luann Fernberg. Lot 2, Block A, The Veranda.

Marlan Hansen and Clarene Hansen to Luann Fernberg. Lot 2, Block A, The Veranda.

Harlan Hansen and Kathy Hansen to Luann Fernberg. Lot 2, Block A, The Veranda.

Kathrn Park and Ronald Park to Luanne Fernberg. Lot 2, Block A, The Veranda.

Robert Hansen to Luann Fernberg. Lot 2, Block A, The Veranda.

Sheryl Hoffman to Jamie Hoffman. Lot 8, Block 11, CK&N Addition.


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