Rural Health Designation for McPherson Clinics


McPherson Hospital, now also known as McPherson Center for Health, announces a
recent special federal designation for their physician clinics. McPherson Medical and
Surgical Associates, the physician clinic’s official name, has been designated as a Rural
Health Clinic (RHC) by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Now one of about 4,500 RHC’s nationwide, the clinic is recognized as providing primary
care and preventive health services in a designated underserved rural area. The primary
benefit of the designation is that the clinic receives special Medicare and Medicaid
reimbursement rates to reduce the gap between actual cost of care and the rate of
reimbursement from these Federal programs.

The clinic successfully demonstrated compliance in several key areas of operations in
order to meet conditions of certification.

Terri Gehring, president and CEO of McPherson Center for Health said, “Receiving this
designation is the result of a lot of hard work from our staff as we strive daily to provide
exceptional care to our patients. It also demonstrates our commitment to serving the
rural needs of our community as we find ways to improve our sustainability in the
sometimes uncertain healthcare financial environment. We appreciate the community’s
support of our excellent care providers.”

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