Register of Deeds


For deeds recorded 7/8/20 – 7/14/20

Douglas and Bonita Miller to Cameron and Tabetha Davis. Lot 5, Block 4, Eastmoor Addition.

Ronda Moore to Carol Tobin. Lots 29-30, Block 13, First Addition, Inman.

Janet Lynch and Gale McDonough to Seth Bradshaw. Part of the NE Quarter, Section 24, Township 19.

Eric and Kelsey Larson to Tyler Achilles and Dalton Shealy. Lot 10, Pt Lot 11, Block 14, Inman.

Shawn and Jessica Koehn and Patricia and Ronald Anderson to Jessica and Shawn Koehn. Lot 7, Block 5, North High Addition.

Jeffery and Marla Patrick to Jeffery and Marla Patrick. 2 parcels in the SW Quarter of the SW Quarter, Township 17.

James and Cari Bergstrom to Ronald and Traci Hazelton. Part of the NE Quarter, Section 36, Township 18.

Jess and Carlyn Lemon to Travis and Mandy Schnelle. Lot 4, Block C, Barnstormer’s Field Addition.

Jessie and Dezirae Brinck to Tyson Davis. Lot 6 and part of lot 7, Block 11, Freeman Addition.

Archrock Serv to GE Oil & Gas. Pt of NW, Pt of SW Quarter of the SW Quarter, Township 19.

Steven Blaylock to Nathan Martens. Pt lot 2, Block 4, Krehbiel’s First Addition, Moundridge.

Shiela Martens to Kathleen Emery. Pt Lot 1, Bock 33, Moundridge.

JKC to Hometown Re. Lots 10-12, Block 62, Cassel Addition.

Levi and Kayla Sides to Michael and Amy Liebl. Lot 5, Block A, Suncrest Addition.

Jacob and Andrea Coy to Joshua Walton. All Lot 4, Pt lot 3, Block 2, Harry Spence Addition.

Casie and Julie Criswell to Brandon Baker and Natalie Rowe. Pt lot 10, all of Lot 11, Rostine’s Subdivision.

Paul and Brenda Bowers to Casie and Julie Criswell. Lot 17, Block 3, Evergreen Addition.

JC Builders to Mark and Pam Breese. Lot A, Block 1, Sapphire Replat.

Richard and Deanna Duerksen to Derrik and Larissa Dusin. Lot 16, Block 2, North High Addition.

Steven and Pamela Bruns to Tara Kemp. Pt Lots 3-4, Block 2/28, McPherson.

Brent and Kristin Boyer to Jacob Karl and Jamie Elliott. Pt SW Quarter, Township 19.

Matthew and Chelsea Perry to Colton and Cassandra Snyder. Pt Lot 32, All of lot 33, Block 1, Oxford Pointe Subdivision.

Mark and Charlet Farley to Richard and Janet Dove. Lots 14 and 15, Phase 1, Smokey Valley Est Pud, Lindsborg.

Spencer and Amanda Brown to Jess and Caryln Lemon. Lot 19, Pt lot 20, Block 4, Evergreen Addition, McPherson.

James and Karen Leaf to Kristin Nelson and Brenda Miller. Lot 4, Block 2, Northridge II  Addition, Lindsborg.

Steven and Betty Ford to Nicholas White. Lots 3 and 4, Block 41, Windom.

Kathleen Emery and Nathan Martens to Anthony Lambertus. Lots 1-3, Block 14, Canton Improvement Co Addition.

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