Register of Deeds


Deeds recorded 7/22/20-7/28/20

Mark Schlesinger to Darci Weiser. Lot 18, Block 11, Prospect Addition.

Martin and Nancy Bell to Cody Postier. Part of the NW Quarter, Section 4, Township 19.

Kurt and Lori Shobe to Heart and Home Contracting. Lots 14 and 16, McPherson Street, North Galva.

Jerritt Colwell and Samantha Titus to Jerritt Colwell and Samantha Titus. Part of the NE, Part of the NW Quarter/Quarter of the NE Quarter, Section 26, Township 20.

Jacob Rathleft and Abby Rathlef to Emile Gallant and Jasmin Gallant. Lots 15, 16 and part of Lot 17, Block 7, Marquette.

Karas Fairchild to Ryan Patrick. Part of the NW, Part of the SW Quarter/Quarter of the SW Quarter, Section 34, Township 17.

Sondra Lansaw and Brian Lansaw to Brian Lansaw and Steven Lansaw. Lot 14, Block 127, McPherson.

Arlo an Starla Unruh to Wetlands Irrigation and Turf. Lot 1, Galva Industrial Park.

Denise and James Munsey to Denise O’Connor Trust and James Munsey Trust. Lot 11 and part of Lot 12, Countryside Lake Addition,  McPherson.

Donald and Julia Waggoner to Alicyn Dibble. Lot 5, Block 2, Pine Acres Subdivision.

Trevor and Kelsey Cole to Dena Stucky. Lot 2, Block 2/29, Amended Sub Plat.

Cy and Kiara Rolfs to Darin and Teresa Blea. Lot 9, Block 9, Trail North Subdivision.

Darin and Teresa Blea to Vincent Engquist. Lot 30, Block 12, Freeman Addition.

Cody and Becky Becker to Ben and Allion Baumgartner. Part of the NE, part of the NW Quarter/Quarter of the NW Quarter, Section 13, Township 20.

Collyn and Erykah Carr to Corey and Jennifer Bartlett. Lot 16 and part of lot 17, Block 10, Freeman Addition.

Linda and Michael Owen to Emily English and Jay Cornelius. Part of The NE Quarter, Section 31, Township 17. Part of the SE Quarter, Section 31, Township 31.



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