Register of Deeds


Deeds recorded 8/3/20 – 8/5/20

Jack and Andrea Crain to Dawn Loving Trust. Lot 17, Block A, Turkey Creek Addition.

Wayne Koehn and Taylor Goering to Cole Ledford. Pt of Lots 19 and 21. All of Lot 20. Block 16, Fairmount Addition, McPherson.

Taylor Goering and Cole Ledford to Taylor Goering and Cole Ledford. Pt of Lots 19 and 21. All of Lot 20. Block 16, Fairmount Addition, McPherson.

Susan Combs to Adam and Megan Dosch. Part of the NE Quarter, Section 35, Township 21.

Jordan and Emily Stiles to Kolton and Paige Miller. Lot 5 and 6, Block 2, First Addition, Inman.

Cory and Samantha Ensz to Billy and Leesa Mersereau. Part of the NE Quarter/Quarter of the SW Quarter. Section 21, Township 19.

Julie Truhlar to Nathan Schmidt, Michael Hoag and Hedy Vernon. Part of Lot 4, Evangelical Lutheran MSN, Lindsborg.

Jason and Pamela Ash to Edward and Judy Pilewski. Pt of Lot 3, all of Lot 5, North Third Street, Pearson Addition, Lindsborg.

David and Jan Jones to Larry Richert. Lot 2, Block 44, Moundridge.

David and Jan Jones to Aaron and Katey Bailey. Lot 2, Block 44, Moundridge.

Irvin and Evelyn Harms to David and Carolyn Yost. Lot 12, Block 8, Countryside Addition, Moundridge.

Donna Lehner to Nicholas and Bethanie Purcell. Part of Lot 6, Block 48, Miller Addition.

Global Premier Asset Management to Jonathan Willis. Lot 3 and 4, Block 3, Home Addition.

Bryson and Grace Huxman to Jacob and Morgan Klassen. Part of the SE Quarter, Section 26, Township 21.

WT Investments to Virginia Howard. Lot 2, Block 3, Funston Place.

Brian and Colleen Krehbiel to Ian and Shayna Smith. NE, NW, Pt of the SE Quarter of the SE Quarter. Section 27, Township 21.

Marvin Johnson to Timothy and Weleigh Bishop. Lot 1, Vista Hills Est.

Alicia Stout to Alicia Stout. Part of lot 26, all of Lot 27, Block 1, Becker Subdivision, Moundridge.

Jeremy and Nicole Blake to Travis Dorris. Lot 3, half of Block 32, McPherson.

Lindsborg City to Virginia Properties. Lot A, Rolander Shields Sec Addition, Lindsborg.

Peter’s Lumber Co to William and Brenda Peters. Lot 1,2,3, Block 100, McPherson.

Justin and Michelle Clark to TC McPherson. Lot 18, Block 1, Clearview Heights Addition.


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