McPherson County Covid-19 Update


McPherson County Health Department reports 249 total confirmed cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in McPherson County. 227 of the total confirmed cases have now met recovery guidelines set forth by the KDHE. There are two current hospitalizations and one death.

  • Positive case #248 was identified late Tuesday, September 15th and is a symptomatic male in his 80s with known exposure and is related to an outbreak at a local assisted living facility. Previous case 207, 223, and 243 are related to this outbreak. There are a number of other out-of- county positives included in this outbreak as well. More information will be released as it is
  • Positive case #249 is a symptomatic 18-year-old female with unknown

McPherson County Health Department is working closely with key partners to evaluate the school year. It is our goal to continue to keep the community informed. The percent of positive cases out of how many McPherson County residents were tested during a 14-day period will facilitate MCHD recommendations. Previously, MCHD would remove those being tested for preoperational reasons from the total number of those tested to better gauge the number of ill patients that were positive for COVID-19. Starting September 11, MCHD will no longer remove preoperational tests from the number reported to represent community spread data more accurately. The data reported below are not the only data that influences the recommendation to move to more or less restriction. Criteria that will influence the recommendation to move schools to more or less restrictive measures can be found on on the home page, under “COVID-19: Reopening McPherson County.” Each week a Risk Assessment will be completed on each district and two private schools in the County. Those can also be found on Data that has been updated to reflect the above- mentioned changes includes:

Date # of New Positives Reported to MCHD # of Tested % Positive % Positivity without Pre-Ops
6/19 to 7/12 22 449 4.89% 5.47%
7/13 to 7/26 30 312 9.61% 11.49%
7/27 to 8/9 32 311 10.28% 12.64%
8/10 to 8/23 20 282 7.09% 8.62%
8/24 to 9/6 38 321 11.83% 14.39%



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