County and City Agree on Masks


If you live in McPherson or Lindsborg you are subject to a mask mandate. Both cities have passed local ordinances to mandate the use of masks in public to help slow the spread of Covid-19. In McPherson, the updated ordinance goes into effect October 28, 2020 at midnight with no listed end date.

City officials meet weekly to assess numbers from the County Health Department and consider community feedback.

County Commissioners support the city mandates for masks and encourage McPherson County residents to follow guidance provided by the McPherson County Health Department. “As our numbers rise, we have to consider the advice of Dr. Gorman through the Health Department and wear masks,” said Commissioner Keith Becker. “We know they help protect people.”

“We know masks work and we know that they reduce disease spread,” said Shalei Shae, the Director of the McPherson County Health Department. “MCHD strongly supports the communities stepping up to further assist us in combating the pandemic. We are ready for normalcy and crave some of the things we’ve had to postpone since March, but McPherson County is facing a critical point in the pandemic. We are seeing the highest new case rate since this began for our county. There are a handful of things each community member can do to help slow the spread and that includes wearing face masks, especially when they are going to be within 6 feet of someone. Please remember that our city, county, and health department officials are all human beings and community members as well. We share the same struggles. Coming together to continue to wade through the deep water is much more effective than fighting the current alone. MCHD staff would like to thank the those who have worked with us and shown kindness. We love our community and know we can make it through this!”

For more information please go to for more resources about Covid-19.



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