Jennifer Flood entertains locals with Halloween Displays


For nearly every evening in the past month, Jennifer Flood has arranged plastic skeletons into increasingly elaborate situations. All of her neighbors, neighbors’ children, and Facebook friends have been entertained. We thought that we’d share some of the best she had to offer.

25. It’s a big day for the Scarins. He’s going to just enjoy some coffee while the wind dies down. If anyone is taking notes, he and his crypt keeper are on the Death Wish coffee…black.

24. Scarin’ Karen enjoying a cup of Joe















23. Scarin’ Daren enjoying a cold one and looking out at the freshly mown lawn!

















22. Boss got to meet the skeletons this morning. Pretty sure he thinks Scarin’ Daren is his Dad and needs to throw the ball for them.















21. “Let me look, Daren!” Poor guy was bird watching and Karen needs to look at the neighbors.















20.“Karen, your Dad is outside scaring the kids with his old stories again!” Grandpa: “Back in my day we had to read the back of the shampoo bottle!”















19. Due to the coin shortage, The Scarins are only accepting cash and…SOULS! Also, Taren is a little self-conscious about the size of his head. We gave him shades so he won’t cry himself to sleep on his huge pillow.















18. Romance is dead. (Karen is lucky I have a plethora of hairpieces and silk robes just lying around.)















17. Scarin’ Karen is catching some sunshine today. It’s gonna be a scorcher! She said “thanks” to whoever left her a Busch Light Apple.















16. Just a regular, suburban, Saturday morning. No, Skellington doesn’t bite.















15. That Daren is just the sweetest skeleton. Karen has waited her whole life to find him!

















14. The Scarin’s are on a walk around the neighbor as long as they can handle the wind! Not sure Dad can survive 40mph wind gusts.















13.“I wouldn’t be caught dead in fur.” “Neither would I!”















12. Looks like Mariah Carey Season outside today!















11. Shiver me timbers! It’s Winter on the high seas! Scarin’ Karen is still a pirate in training.















10. Grandma, Helen Skelter, helped out with Spirit Week today for school. If you see her laying in the yard today, please don’t call 911. She just has high bones pressure.















9. “Bone Apple Teeth!” – Karen















8. Someone is DYING to go on a road trip.















7. Happy Birthday to all the October babies! Scarin’ Taren’s cake is gluten-free, sugar-free, no nuts, zero fat, and 100% styrofoam. Follow me for more great recipes!






























5. Little Red Riding Hood walking around these dangerous Briarwoods.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor
4. Time to talk to your kids about Dirty Dancing. Because these two had the time of their LIVES!
3. Everyone’s getting ready for the big holiday tomorrow!
2. Today’s unofficial sponsor is Ace Hardware for their undying patience with the skeletons’ crypt keeper, Jennifer! Lol!
1. After a 64 mph whirlwind romance last night, Daren popped the question.
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