Wylene Lengel’s Work on Display at Public Library


An acrylic collection titled Life is a Beautiful Ride, by Wylene Lengel is on display at the McPherson Public Library now through December 28.  Lengel, an Inman native, earned a chemistry degree at McPherson College and an MBA from Wichita State.  After a 30 year career in the pharmaceutical industry, she has now moved to her dream job, as a cosmetologist.   Wylene and her husband spent about 20 years living in other states but have now returned to McPherson.

Wylene began painting in 2016.  As an avid cyclist, she always has been drawn to bicycles and the mechanisms that comprise them as an inspiration for her art.  She won awards in her school years in the 4H bicycle project, riding in Biking Across Kansas several times, and in the last several years helping with organizing bicycle trips for friends.

“I consider myself a hobby painter and am still discovering my style,” states Lengel, “I like to paint bicycles, doors, wine glasses, coffee mugs, trees, and rusty, tattered things.  I try to be resourceful in my craft.  I enjoy bright colors and find beauty in the stories that old items used as my subjects could tell.

For additional information call the library at 245-2570 or email them at library@macpl.org.

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