McPherson County Covid-19 Update


McPherson County Health Department reports 657 total cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in McPherson County. 503 of the total cases have now met recovery guidelines set forth by the KDHE or have passed away. There are six current hospitalizations and eight deaths.

Please let our data solidify the need to wear masks, avoid large gatherings, stay home when sick, and practice good hand hygiene. The cold season is upon us and will not make our jobs any easier when trying to differentiate between COVID-19 and other ailments, like the common cold or influenza. Please continue to seek medical care and work with your medical professional.

Our increase in cases also triggers the alarm for an increase in community spread. Outbreaks across the state can be identified on the KDHE COVID-19 website, including McPherson County outbreaks. McPherson County Health Department is working closely with KDHE to help investigate and contact trace COVID-19 cases. Please be aware that if you or someone you know has been tested, they may receive a call from KDHE Epidemiologists as they help us manage our case load. If you are not sure if it is a real call, ask for their callback number and then please call McPherson County Health Department and we can confirm that it is a legitimate investigator.

Updated case data includes:
• New cases since last public release: 77
• Asymptomatic: 31
• Cases with unknown exposure: 320
• Cases 60 years old and above: 191
• Cases 50-59 years old: 89
• Cases 40-49 years old: 95
• Cases 30-39 years old: 83
• Cases 18-29 years old: 134
• Cases under 18 years old: 65
• Female cases: 347
• Male cases: 310
• Hospitalized cases (may not represent current hospitalizations): 34
• Ventilated cases (may not represent current ventilated cases): 5
• Deaths: 8

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