Public Library Produces Documentary Featuring Historic Photos


The McPherson Public Library is premiering a new documentary this week: Click! Historic McPherson Photographs and Their Stories.

There’s a story behind the video itself. Earlier in the year Jennie Hall, Steve Read, and Melissa Smith were working on a program, planned for September, featuring photographs from the library collection. Then the pandemic hit. With public gatherings no longer an option, they decided to make a video.

     Hall, Read, and Smith each selected two photographs from the library’s collection of over 3,500 historic McPherson and McPherson County photographs, then researched and presented the stories behind them.
     They agree that making the documentary has definite advantages over a one-time public program: It can be watched by an unlimited number of people, anytime, anywhere, and will continue to be a valuable local history resource.

“Whenever we prepare one of these programs, it’s always a learning
experience for each of us, and Click! is certainly no exception,” Library Director
Steve Read commented. “We hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as we enjoyed producing it.”

To view the 37 minute documentary, visit Copies in DVD
format are available at the library for checkout.

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