Register of Deeds

Deeds recorded 2/10/21 to 2/16/21. David and Debra Chestnut to David Rose. PT LOT 17 FAIRFIELD ADD CANTON Donald and Judy McAllister to Donald and Judy McAllister. S2 NE4 15-21-02 Stockholm Project to Stockholm Homebuilders. LOT 03 BLK 02 STOCKHOLM EST LINDSBORG Karla and Joe Perrotta to Karla and Joe Perrotta. W2 W2 SE4 16-19-04 Gary and Ann Flory to 510Marlin. PT LOT 2 BLK 71 MILLERS ADD NO 1 Linda Smith to Strausz Inc. LOT 3 BLK 4 KREHBIEL’S FIRST ADD MOUNDRIDGE Brett and Chloe Williams to Joshua and Carri Paine. PT SE4 35-19-02 Carri and Joshua Paine to

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