Register of Deeds

Deeds registered 2/24/21 – 3/2/21 Rosalee Jeanette Lander Larson Est to Laird and Theresa Larson; UNDIV 1/3 INTR N2 NW4 19-17-03 Cheryl Peterson to Erik Peterson; PT LOT 09 EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN MSN LINDSBORG Erik Peterson to Cheryl Peterson; PT LOTS 08 10 THIRD ST LINDSBORG OTS Mary Moyer, Sheila Ratzlaff, and Joel Ratzlaff to Mary Moyer, Sheila Ratzlaff, Nanci Heath and Bryce Ratzlaff; LOT 08 PYLES SUB Philip and Katharine Walters to Grand Builders; LOT 07 BLK 04 COUNTRYSIDE PLACE Phil Hamilton to Steven and Jennifer Patrick; LOT 21 BLK 19 MARQUETTE OTS Marquette Farmers State Bank to Quenten and

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