Register of Deeds


Deeds registered from 3/17/21 – 3/23/21

Froese Farms to Darren and Michelle Nelson; SW4 28-20-05

Mitchell and Melanie Luttig to Charles and Lauri Kohman; PT LOT 9 ALL LOT 10 BLK 27 FAIRMOUNT ADD

DJ Schroeder Farm to Froese Farms Inc; PT SW4 & PT SE4 32-21-03

Jesse and Melanie Koehn to Jesse and Melanie Koehn; 2 PARCELS E2 E2 SE4 28-18-2

Betty Reilly Estate to Bryan and Rebecca Schmucker; 2T R SW4 19-20-05

Donald and Judy McAllister to Donald and Judy McAllister; S2 NE4 15-21-2 and PT NW414-21-2

Donald and Judy McAllister to Jeanne Talley; PT NW4 14-21-2 and PT NW414-21-2

Martin and Elizabeth Showalter to Daniel and Marla Proctor; PT LOT 14 20 ALL LOT 16 18 PINE STREET HIGHLAND ADD, LINDSBORG

Urias and Kathy Miller to Lyle Smith and Rachel Porter; LOT 10 BLK 1 HOMESTEAD ACRES ADD

Parangiri Nivas Rajaram and Surabhi Parangirivas to Bettinga Rogers; PT LOTS 11 12 BLK 1 DARRAH & WILSON’S ADD

Margaret Hedberg to Morgan Reedy; LOTS 09 10 11 BLK 31 MARQUETTE OTS

Ronnie and Whitney Blaylock to Rebekah Urena and Alejandro Urena Franco; LOTS 01 02 03 BLK 09 MOUNDRIDGE

Bruce and Melissa Laude to Parangiri Nivas Rajaram and Surabhi Parangirivas; LOT 05 BLK 01 OXFORD POINTE SUB

Anthony and Gina Wedel to Michael and Terri Volein; LOT 2 BLK 11 PARK PLACE SUBDIV

Barbara Vogts to Clancy Taylor; PT LOT 6 FAIRFIELD ADD CANTON

Audrey and Christopher Herbst to Bruce and Melissa Laude; LOT 1 BLK 3 TURNBERRY ADD

Stockholm Project to Valkommen Trail Townhomes; LOTS 2 3 4 5 6 7 BLK 1 STOCKHOLM EST LINDSBORG

Mariah Hudson Palmer and Taliatha Hudson Palmer to Mariah Hudson Palmer and Taliatha Hudson Palmer; LOT 28 BLK 2 COUNTRYSIDE ADD

Ronald Larson to Janis Larson; LOTS 9 10 11 BLK 1 BACON’S ADD MARQUETTE

Deeds registered 3/10/21 – 3/16/21

Myron Bolton to Gary Casebeer; TR S3 NE4 29-18-03

Moundridge City to Jayson Kaufman; LOT 3 BLK 6 MOUNDRIDGE COMM-DEV NO 2

Robert and Cathy Rausch to Kelly Rausch, Jamie Cooke, Robert Rausch and Cathy Rausch; TR NW4 07-19-04

John Behrens III to Jesse and Rose Bradshaw; LOT 9 BLK 101 MCPHERSON OTS

Karen Ukens to Robert Krause; LOTS 13, 14. 15 BLK 3 WINDOM

Timothy and Sheryln Nikkel to G-F Inc.; NW4 & PT SW4 06-21-03

Stockholm Project to Elijah Gehring and Alexandra Metzler; LOT 4 BLK 7 STOCKHOLM EST

Darin and Shanda Sigler to Eric and Sheila Hanson; LOT 18 BLK 3 EVERGREEN ADD

William and Kathleen Daggett to Roxanne and Derrald Banz; PT LOT 14 MAIN STREET LINDSBORG

Roxanne and Derrald Banz to Salvador and Sara Lopez; PT LOTS 8 9 BLK 5 WESTVIEW ADD LINDSBORG

Ricky and Melanie Reed to Mary Rodriquez; PT LOT 12 BLK 07 HIGHLAND ADD

Orman and Glenda Schmidt to Larry Schmidt and Jeanne DeWild; LOT 05 POTWIN ADD

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