Quilt Guild Hosts Anne Hjetland and Susan Wempe April 12th


McPherson Quilt Guild announces their next meeting on April 12th at 7:00pm at the First Presbyterian Church of McPherson! Anne Hjetland and Susan Wempe will be our guest speakers. You might have seen them on shop hops, at Prairie Flower Crafts or perhaps as guests at one of our previous meetings. They always have great ideas up their sleeves and tons of laughs! They will feature Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design patterns and rulers. Anne teaches classes on this technique and will show us some tricks. This system has enabled them to sew things the didn’t think they could do – Deb Tucker makes it easy!

Anne Hjetland and Susan Wempe

Anne is from Lyons and has been quilting for about ten years. A few years later, she suckered her side kick Susan into the world of quilting. Susan reigns from Little River and describes Anne as a drug dealer as has discovered this wonderful world of fabric and design is extremely addicting. They will bring a little pop up shop if you find yourself addicted and want to start a new project right away!

Anne and Susan love to share their love of quilting with others and can’t do anything serious. As they have traveled and enjoyed the quilting community, they have discovered quilters are the most awesome people – always encouraging and helping one another. If all people were like quilters, the world would be such a nice place. Maybe not organized, but most definitely fun!

McPherson Quilt Guild meets the second Monday of the month September to June and most always at the Presbyterian Church.  We also have a Zoom option for those interested.  Quilters of all levels are welcome to attend in whichever format they feel comfortable.  For more information, please contact Cheri’ Hanschu at 620-242-9090.

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