Register of Deeds


Deeds recorded 3/31/21 to 4/6/21

James and Mary Rogers to Christopher and Catrina Wallace; PT SE4 06-21-02

Strawn Dev. to Strawn Homes; LOT 2 BLK 6 FOXFIRE ADD

Strawn Homes to Vincent and Christy Ruxlow; LOT 2 BLK 6 FOXFIRE ADD

John and Li Qiu Houghton to Laura Frazier; PT LOT 11 ALL LOT 12 BLK B TURKEY CREEK SECOND ADD

Richard and Cynthia Fischer to Richard Fischer Tr No 1; TR E2 NE4 27-17-03

Urias Miller to Urias Miller and Kathy Miller; PT SW4 20-20-03

Enrique and Theresa Pineda to Marc and Audra Connally; LOTS 16 18 SOUTH PARK ADD GALVA

Louie and Marliece Bate to Ra Johnson; LOT 1 PT LOT 2 BLK 1 BALZER’S ADD, PT LOT 11 ALL LOT 12 BLK 1 BALZER’S ADD INMAN

Mike and Laurie Hoag to Steven Jirak; PT SW4 16-17-03

Kimbell Royalty Holdings to KRP Legacy Isles; NE4 35-19-02,  and ALL SEC 29-20-05

Douglas and Jan Albrecht to Jessica and Russell Kellogg; SW4 24-17-03

Cheryl Barrow to Kristina Littlejohn; LOT 02 BLK K04 TURNBERRY ADD

Ralph and Angela Leddy to Tyler and Shelby Schroeder; PT E2 25-21-01

Verna Blaylock to Ronnie and Whitney Blaylock; LOT 11 HERB J KREHBIELS ADD MOUNDRIDGE


Gabriel Moore to Dalton Ecton; LOT 6 LARSON ADD GALVA

Christopher Thompson and Sheri Thompson to Christopher Thompson and Sheri ThompsonNW4 08-18-01

Raymond Williams to Christopher Thompson and Sheri Thompson; S2 07-18-01

Gary and Karen Boeckner to Michael and Chrystle Penner; NE4 35-21-01

Raymond and Betty Strong to David and Opal Taylor; LOT 4 BLK 140 MCPHERSON OTS

Jose Santos to Jason and Elizabeth McAfee; LOT 12 BLK C BARNSTORMERS FIELD FIRST ADD

Deborah Cole to Gary Peterson; PT LOT 2 BLK 2 WESTRIDGE ADD MARQUETTE

James and Jill Piper to Franklin and Cindy Peters; LOT 1 BLK 4 AND PT LOT 4 BLK 5 TRAIL NORTH SUBDIV

Nathan and Maryan Hulvey to Colton Zimmerman and Lindsey Moore; LOT 6 BLK 7 EASTMOOR ADD

Jerry and Dixie Pomeroy to Jason and Diana Pomeroy; PT SW4 36-21-01

Cody and Megan Regier to Cody and Megan Regier; TR NE4 30-21-04

Deeds recorded 3/17/21 – 3/26/21

Mikayla and Michael and Kalin Koehn to Mikayla Koehn and Adam Kuluva; PT SW4 NW4 16-20-03

John and Cara Dietterich to Chad and Lacey Penner; PT SW4 22-20-04

John and Cara Dietterich to Dwight Baldwin, Cynthia Baldwin, Adam Baldwin, Kimberly Baldwin; PT SW4 22-20-04

Mike and Susan McVicker to Shannon Spear; PT LOTS 03 05 ALL LOT 04 BLK 01 CLARKS ADD

Landon Wall to Robert Burress; LOT 03 BLK 07 HIGHLAND ADD

GMCC to Gerstner Homeshare; PT LOTS 02 04 06 08 10 BLK 06 COLLEGE HILL ADD

Ryan and Kayla Aguilar to Landon Everett; LOT 20 PT LOT 22 SANTA FE STREET NORTH GALVA

Barron U Kidd to Barron U Kidd Prop; W2 SE4 04-21-03

Pat Burke, Cathy Rausch and Robert Rausch to EJ Rentals; PT LOT 4 All LOT 5 BLK 8 MCPHERSON OTS

Roger and Joy Carlson to Kyrie Ritzdorf; PT E2 SW4 06-19-04

Edward Herubin and Angela Herubin to Landon Wall; TR N2 NE4 12-18-04

McPherson County Sheriff to Urias Miller; PT SW4 20-20-03

Patricia and John Behrens to Karen Thompson Lahn; LOTS 13 14 BLK 90 MCPHERSON OTS


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